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Why Would Your Insurance Company Cancel Your Policy?

Got a cancellation letter in the mail and do not know what to do next? This blog post will go into detail about the common reasons why insurance companies cancel clients’ policies and it will outline the steps that you can take to move forward.

The Differences Between Insurance Brokers and Insurance Agents

If you didn’t know already, insurance brokers and insurance agents are not the same thing. There are quite a few differences between the two. In this blog post, we will examine the main differences between an insurance broker and an insurance agent.

home renovations

What to Consider Before Renovating Your Home

As we approach summer, you may be a homeowner contemplating making some renovations to your home. If you are thinking of making some renovations this year, this blog post will outline some things you should consider before starting any home renovation.

Insurance Myths

Insurance Myths: Part 1

Insurance can sometimes be hard to understand, which often times can lead to the occurrence of misconceptions or incorrect statements. That is why this blog post will outline some of the most commonly believed statements about insurance that are ultimately not true.