Does Home Insurance Cover Damages from a Storm?

Home Insurance

In Ontario today, there are risks of thunderstorms with the potential to produce powerful wind and rain effects. Powerful winds can blow debris around and can even knock down some trees in the event of a storm. With the potential for a strong wind storm today, some damage may occur to your property as a result. In the case of damage, we will go over exactly what your home insurance covers in this blog post.

Home Insurance

Windows and Siding Damages

Most home insurance policies will cover damage from wind and storms. Damage to the windows and siding of a house as a result of a storm and/or high winds would typically be covered by the insurance policy. The costs to replace these areas of the house would most likely be paid out by the insurance company as a result of a claim.

Roof Damages

Damage to the roof of a house is a bit more complicated. Roof damage may be subject to evaluation by the insurance company, which may include assessing the depreciation of the house, where the house is located, and the materials used to construct the roof. In addition, depending on your insurance policy’s deductible (the amount you have to pay to the insurance company before they pay out for the claim) and the depreciation value of your house, you may have to cover some of the expenses yourself for the damage.

Debris and/or Fallen Trees

If debris and/or a tree falls and causes damage to your home as a result of a major storm, your home insurance policy would help to cover those damages. In addition, if you have comprehensive coverage, also known as “Full Coverage”, on your auto insurance policy, then your car would also be covered if it is damaged due to flying debris and/or a fallen tree in the case of bad weather.

Power Outages/Surges

In the case of a power outage and/or surge as a result of lightning, some home insurance policies would cover damaged appliances and/or electronics. Additionally, some insurance policies may cover the expenses of living elsewhere for a period of time if a power outage lasts longer than manageable. However, before filing a claim, make sure to call your insurance broker to review your policy in detail to see what exactly is and isn’t covered.


No home insurance policy covers water damage in the event of a flood. However, you may be able to request for overland water coverage to be added to your home insurance policy. Overland water coverage would protect your home in the case of damages from a sudden accumulation of water such as heavy rainfall from a storm. Also, overland water coverage would cover your home if water enters your home from an overflow of a river or lake.

Storms and high winds can produce unwanted damages to your home; however, that is where your insurance policy can help. Most damages are covered; however, it would be a good idea to go over your insurance policy to know exactly what is covered, so you won’t run into any surprises if something is not covered. You can always contact our brokers for more information or if you have any questions about your insurance policy. Also, if you would like help getting an insurance policy for your home, you can contact one of our licensed brokers today.

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By Laura Parkes