High Risk Drivers in Ontario: How to Get Insurance

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Getting auto insurance for high risk drivers can be a difficult and expensive task. Not every insurance company agrees to issue a high risk auto insurance policy. High risk drivers are those who have had 3 or more driving violations in the past 3 years, those who have had their licence suspended for any reason, or drivers who have been charged with a DUI.

In addition, drivers who have made at-fault insurance claims or those who have allowed their insurance policy to lapse due to non-payments are, also, considered problematic clients for insurance companies.

Here are the companies that specialize in insuring high risk drivers in Ontario:

  • Coachman High Risk Auto Insurance

  • Echelon High Risk Auto Insurance

  • Jevco High Risk Auto Insurance

  • Pafco High Risk Auto Insurance

  • Perth High Risk Auto Insurance

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The best way to shop for the right insurance for high risk drivers is to contact your insurance broker. An insurance broker is not only able to generate a quote directly by using their quoting software tools, but they can also contact insurance company underwriters and discuss each case in detail. This may lead to lower insurance premiums for your individual case.

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