How PrimeService Insurance Enables Your Success as an Insurance Broker

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PrimeService Insurance is a brokerage that is dedicated to helping each and every one of its brokers reach their full potential and become successful in their career. If you are looking to launch and grow your career as an insurance broker, consider joining us at PrimeService.

How We Enable Your Success

Training and Mentorship from Experienced Brokers

  • Our experienced brokers will help train you and help to answer any of the questions that you may have when you first start out.

Access to Support Staff & Principal Broker

  • PrimeService Insurance employs a group of staff members including underwriters and customer service representatives to help support you and the policies you write. They take care of most of the paperwork, so you can focus more of your time on writing more business.

  • You have direct access to the Principal Broker. You can talk to him and ask him any questions that you may have at any time!

Personal & Commercial Insurance

  • At PrimeService, you have the ability to learn about and write both personal and commercial lines of business. You will also have the option to offer life insurance to your clients through Hub Financial.

Access to Various Tools & Technology

  • As a broker for PrimeService Insurance, you will have access to a variety of tools and technology in order to help support you and your career. You will have the ability to receive a producer page that is connected to our website outlining who you are, what you offer in terms of insurance, and how to contact you.

  • PrimeService is also a paperless enabled brokerage; you will have access to an eSign license and PDF editor software.

  • There are many other tools and software that would be made available to you, and if there is a tool that you think will help your business, we will gladly discuss it with you to see how we can help make it an option.

Providing Booths at Trade Shows

  • PrimeService sees the value in trade shows as it can lead to meeting new prospective clients and promoting you and your business as an insurance broker. That is why PrimeService provides its own booths at many trade shows, so brokers can have the opportunity to represent themselves and PrimeService Insurance.

Competitive Compensation

  • At PrimeService Insurance, you will be working as a commission-based broker. This means that your salary will depend on your hard work and the number of policies you write.

  • In your first year, you will have a commission based incentive to help you start out.

  • PrimeService also offers annual profit sharing to its brokers and a clear path to ownership of their book of business.

  • Having Access to Countless Markets

    • PrimeService Insurance is partnered with many insurance companies, which gives its brokers the ability to have access to and get quotes from them. To see which companies we are partnered with, visit our Affiliate Partners page.

Company Culture & Growth

  • PrimeService is continuously growing as an insurance brokerage with annual growth rates around 25%. On an individual level, new brokers have also had much success at PrimeService by achieving $1 million+ of premiums.

  • PrimeService Insurance offers a vibrant, active, and open environment. PrimeService values making everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied at the office.

For more information about working at PrimeService Insurance, you can check out our Careers Page or contact us by email at

Lastly, if you are interested in working at PrimeService, then you can apply to our job posting by emailing your cover letter and resume to

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