The 5 Best Tips for Safe Winter Driving

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This winter has definitely been a very messy and snowy one in the GTA and as a result, we have had some very poor driving conditions. Thus, it is important as drivers to be extra careful in these winter weather conditions.

To help you stay safe in these conditions, here are the 5 Best Tips for Safe Winter Driving:

1. Install Winter Tires On Your Car

Winter tires are a big help when driving in the snow. They provide a better grip on the roads and improve your braking in the snow. Thus, winter tires can help reduce your chances of slipping or getting into an accident while on the road in comparison to regular tires. Not to mention, having winter tires on your car gives you a 2 to 5 percent discount on your car insurance. So, next time you are planning on driving in snowy conditions, make sure your car has its winter tires equipped.

2. Leave Extra Time For Your Commute

Inclement weather conditions cause a lot of traffic and delays on the road, so it is important to leave extra time for your commute. You definitely do not want to be rushing while driving, so be sure to check the weather conditions the night before and plan ahead prior to getting into your car.

3. Clear Off Any Ice And Snow

One important tip is to make sure your car is cleared of all ice and snow, so you have full visibility when driving. Remember to leave yourself some extra time to do this before heading out onto the roads. Also, be sure to remove the ice from your windshield wipers. This will help to improve the functionality of your windshield wipers, so they can keep your visibility

4. Drive Slow

As we all know, winter weather makes for poor road conditions, which is why it is crucial for drivers to take extra precautions. Driving slow is a good way to practice safe driving in bad weather conditions. It gives you more control over your vehicle and can help to better prevent your car from slipping on the roads.

5. Keep A Safe Distance Between Other Cars

Finally, with icy road conditions, it is important to keep a safe distance away from other cars. I would recommend leaving at least one car length of space between you and the car in front of you. This way, if your car does slip on the roads, you have extra space to prevent a possible collision and recover from the slip. Thus, for your safety, always keep a safe distance away from other cars in bad road conditions.

Winter weather is known to make poor road and driving conditions, so be sure to follow all these driving tips to help keep you and your car safe.

If you want more tips on how to stay safe and protected this winter, contact one of our brokers today!

Drive safe everyone!


By Laura Parkes