How To Become A Successful Insurance Broker


Becoming a successful insurance broker can be challenging. Learning the insurance jargon and becoming familiar with the basics of policies is a good start, but may not be enough. There’s much more to the art and business of being a successful insurance broker serving your clients.

Our Director of Operations, and the winner of IBAO’s Future Leader Award of Excellence in 2021, Sam Jazayeri was featured in the latest issue of The Ontario Broker Magazine. He shares his journey and the mantra that paved his way on the road to success in the world of insurance. Moreover, he also talks about key takeaways that would help anyone looking to start their career in insurance.

Keep reading the blog for the key lessons that Sam shares with his team and the insurance industry overall. His advice may help create a path for success in your career as an insurance broker.

Follow your curiosity

Discover things that interest you and learn more about them; constantly tap into the inner child, who is always open to learning new things. By following your natural curiosity, you will create authentic interactions with prospective clients. 

Insurance is a people business

People should be your top priority. Your clients, colleagues, and partners matter more than the numbers. Too often, insurance brokers focus only on ‘large premiums’. Every client you interact with is a person who may connect you to endless new opportunities. Always keep it top of mind that people come first.

Grow-the-pie thinking

There is potential for everyone to grow – your success does not take away from others; and vice-versa. Instead, focus on expanding on leveraging relationships within the industry to add value. Your fellow brokers are a huge resource to help as you move through your career. Reach out to those with more experience in the industry for advice and guidance.

Say ‘yes’ to opportunities

Saying ‘yes’ to opportunities will help you thrive in your career. The long-term value of any opportunity or action may not be immediately clear. The actions you take have a compounding effect. It may be true the business networking event you attended did not generate any clients but do not forget that it was an opportunity to improve your networking skills for the next one. If you engage in activities and experiences with a willingness to learn, you will be prepared when the opportunity presents itself.

Have empathy for your customers

In the customer-focused industry of insurance, establishing a strong relationship with your client is essential. Empathy for your customers is the key to building strong customer relationships. You never know what a client is going through. A client asking for your support and advice could be having one of the most stressful days of their life, and although it’s your 22nd call of the day, you need to remain considerate of their circumstance. It may give you an opportunity to make connections beyond just an insurance transaction.

How does PrimeService assist its brokers to achieve success?

At PrimeService, every new insurance broker works with a dedicated Producer Team Leader to support and guide them through the first 12-24 months of their career. The Team Leader provides ongoing training and enables you to reach new heights in your career. Our innovative training methodology has enabled many insurance brokers to launch their careers.

Our support team of CSRs and TSRs handle extra paperwork and processing so that our Brokers can focus on serving their clients. This enables our brokers to grow their business by spending their time on the most value add tasks. 

Are you interested in growing your business with us? To find out more about the broker opportunities, reach out to us or our Director of Operations, Sam Jazayeri.

By Nirali Patel