Customized commercial insurance for your business

Commercial insurance protects your business and your business activities. At PrimeService, you’ll get a complete analysis of your current insurance coverage and expert recommendations on the coverage we feel would be most appropriate. We’re not here to convince you to buy our insurance, but to understand exactly how well you’re covered and what risks you’re currently exposed to that could be curtailed by additional coverage.

We offer a wide range of Commercial Insurance products, such as Commercial Automobile & Garage, Realty & Builder’s Risk, Small Business Liability, and Specialized Coverage.

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Commercial Insurance Features

A business insurance policy is usually composed of the following:
Third-party liability coverage in case you or your employees are held liable for harming a person/company or damaging their property.
Coverage for the building (if you own it) or for improvements (if you rent the space) for all insured perils. A peril is a ''covered risk'', like fire or theft.
Business property coverage, to replace or repair any damaged furniture, equipment and supplies.
Business interruption coverage, should you be forced to shut down operations temporarily during a crisis.

Optional Commercial Coverage

The following can be added depending on your business needs, on demand:
Commercial auto insurance for all company vehicles
Equipment breakdown coverage for critical machinery
Flood, earthquake and sewer backup endorsements

Protecting your Key Players

Ask a PrimeService broker to refer you to a licensed agent for these life and health products:
Business Overhead Expense Insurance, for when a partner/owner cannot work
Key Person insurance to protect against the risk of death or disability
Buy Sell insurance to ensure business continuity in the case of a tragedy
Group benefits for your employees

You have questions? Call your PrimeService broker at (905) 886-7277 for all the details and our recommendations.