Low-Cost Indoor Activities For Winter Family Fun


COVID-19 has ruined our plans of making this season fantastic. For this reason, we suggest getting creative with fun, low-cost indoor activities for winter family fun. Work can be stressful and we all need that R&R to revive our spirits during weekends. Why not have some fun and schedule a family game night or pamper your family by organizing a home spa day! Check out this list of indoor activities we’ve made so that you and your family can enjoy staying in this winter. 

Learn to paint

Painting can be very relaxing and is a good way to relieve stress on a weekend. It’s also a good skill to develop for kids. You and your family can enjoy painting winter landscapes together while watching tutorials for beginners on YouTube. Grab some snacks and drinks for an even more relaxing weekend with your family. 

Cozy up in a blanket fort

Get your family to build a fort using blankets and anything you can find to use as a pole such as an umbrella or coat hanger to keep the blankets up. Throw in pillows and blankets inside until it’s cozy enough for you. You can also set up fairy lights inside your fort if you have them. Once you’re happy with your fort, you can binge watch Netflix with your family inside the fort. Don’t forget to get some popcorn and hot cocoa ready. 

Plan an indoor garden

Setting up an indoor garden is a great activity for those missing the greeneries during winter. If this is you, you might be happy to know that potted plants can be purchased online for delivery in the GTA in winter. You and your family can start an indoor garden or add a couple more to your collection if you already have one. Make planning and decorating it an enjoyable family affair.

Barista for a day

This winter, sadly, coffee shops are closed for dine-in due to COVID-19 restrictions. This should not stop you from having your favourite coffee drinks! If you and your family love frappuccinos, you can make them in the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is coffee, milk, white sugar, whipped cream, caramel or chocolate syrup, and some crushed ice. For the kids, simply replace coffee with cocoa. 

Game night 

Relive the old days and play a non-online game indoors with your family. The Game of Life is a good, relatively newer board game you can play with your kids. If your family consists of young adults and adults, there are newer, more exciting card games and board games that cater to these age groups such as Exploding Kittens, Avalon, One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and Sheriff of Nottingham. Polygon writes about a good range of options. These games can be purchased for delivery on Amazon.

Spa day at home

Winter and heaters tend to cause dry skin which can be remedied with a fun family spa day. Relax and pamper the whole family with home spa treatments. Prepare facial masks, foot masks, body scrubs, and a milk bath so you and your family can kick back and relax after a tiring work and study week. 


Another low-cost indoor activity you can do with your family this winter is create a winter-themed hardcopy or digital scrapbook! Collect old photos of special memories with your family that you can add to your winter scrapbook. Decorate them using art supplies if you choose to create a hardcopy or try Canva if you’re creating a digital scrapbook. Looking back at old pictures can bring back happy and funny moments you’ve had with your family.

Even with government restrictions in place, you can make this winter a memorable one for you and your family by planning low-cost indoor activities. Relax, have fun, and get creative with your activities!

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By Katia Barretto