Home Insurance

Insurance for house, apartment, condo or secondary dwelling

If you’re getting a mortgage to purchase a house or a condo, the lending institution will expect you to have home insurance. Do you still need home insurance when you’ve paid off your mortgage, or if you are just renting? Of course! Home insurance is there to cover a number of situations that could cost you your home and your hard-earned savings.

When you purchase home insurance, you’ll be asked to provide information about each person living with you and each home you want covered. A number of factors will influence what rate we can offer you: your claims and insurance record, the age of the insured building, and where you live for instance. Your PrimeService broker will then help you select the amount of coverage and the coverage options most adapted to your needs.

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Homeowner Insurance

Each policy includes three basic types of coverage
Third-party liability coverage in case you're liable for any bodily harm or damage to someone's personal property.
Coverage for the building or dwelling and any detached private structures for all insured perils. A peril is a fancy word for ''covered risk'', like fire or theft.
Personal property coverage, to replace or repair any damaged goods you own for an insured peril.
Additional living expenses, should you be forced out of your home following a claim.

You can get additional coverage for earthquakes and sewer backup protection, or extend your coverage on any valuables (for condo owners and tenants too).

Condo Owner Insurance

Condo owner insurance is very similar to homeowner's insurance.
Each policy includes third-party liability coverage, personal property coverage and additional expenses coverage
This insurance won't cover damages to the building, which is already covered by the condo corporation's insurance policy, but it will cover any home improvement or upgrades you've done.

Tenant Insurance

Renter’s insurance policies provide third-party liability, personal property, and additional living expenses coverage.

You have questions? Call your PrimeService broker at (905) 886-7277 for all the details and our recommendations! We’ll gladly answer any questions you have about home insurance, and can walk you through each section of your policy if this is your first time purchasing insurance. We also provide insurance for other types of dwellings.

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