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Simple worry-free coverage for all your travel needs

Why do you need travel insurance? Your business trip is cancelled. Your luggage is lost. Your spouse was injured and needs immediate care. We don’t plan for any of these situations to occur, but we need to be prepared for when they do. The Ontario health plan (OHIP) sets daily limits on the cost of any medical care you may need, leaving you with all the extra hospitalization and evacuation costs.

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When you purchase travel insurance, you’ll need to provide information on each traveller, and you’ll be asked about any pre-existing medical conditions. Your PrimeService broker will help you select the right level of coverage and discuss the benefits of optional baggage loss or trip cancellation coverage.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Single Trip or Annual Travel Insurance

If you're planning to travel more than once this year, you should get annual travel insurance. Both single trip and annual policies include
Emergency Medical Care coverage of up to $X,000,000 for hospitalization, medical, and paramedical expenses not covered by OHIP
Optional Emergency Return benefit
Benefits for Accidental Death and Dismemberment and Air Flight Accidents
Travel Assistance 24/7 to provide expert assistance for any medical emergency

Baggage Loss Benefit

Your baggage is stolen or lost. Baggage Loss provides immediate relief.
Cash replacement value of your lost luggage
Allowance for necessities if your baggage is delayed for over 12 hours
Allowance for replacement of stolen identity papers (passport, visa, driver's license...)

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Benefit

This coverage is needed if a trip is cancelled, interrupted, modified or extended because of a serious event.
Reimbursement of all non-refundable prepaid travel expenses
Coverage of new occupancy costs and transportation costs
Subsistence allowance

You have questions? Call your PrimeService broker at (905) 886-7277 for all the details and our recommendations!

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