5 Reasons To Become An Insurance Broker


Considering a career in insurance but not sure if being a Broker is right for you? 

We’re happy to share our latest blog, written by our very own Farbod Rabiei. Farbod is a high-performing insurance broker at PrimeService, and he shares how he became an insurance broker and why he feels it is an excellent career choice to pursue. Whether you recently graduated from college or are thinking about changing careers, keep reading to find out why you should consider a career in insurance. 

Introducing Farbod Rabiei:

I grew up abroad; in a family of insurance brokers. When I turned 16, my father suggested I join him in his office and begin to learn the business. Eventually, I immigrated to Canada and attended college, intending to follow in my family’s footsteps, and I became an insurance broker. However, unlike my family back home, I did not have the benefit of contacts; or any network. I was on my own and began to build my career from the ground up. It was a lot of work; and even more belief in myself, but it all paid off, and now I can proudly say that I have many happy, lifelong clients and a booming business.

Farbod Rabiei

As I move forward and collaborate with other young, ambitious insurance brokers, they always ask for advice. There are many great reasons why I recommend the insurance Business as a profession, and here are my top five solid reasons why you should choose insurance as your profession.

1) We Protect People And Their Assets

Everyone wants to earn a good living, and you will, as a successful insurance broker. However, making a good living is nice, but job satisfaction is also necessary. At last, you want to feel good about what you do. For example, auto insurance is mandatory, and we pair them with the best coverage possible so that in the event of an accident, we can help them get back on the road as quickly as possible. Additionally, life insurance is a great example. Life insurance replaces your income, so your family can maintain their standard of living, and it protects family and their loved ones in the event of an untimely passing.

2) You Are Your Boss

As an insurance broker, you own your business. You put in the hours and hustle and begin to build up clients. As you grow your business, so does your income. The potential is limitless, and your success depends on how much effort you put into it.

3) Lack Of Young Talent

The insurance business is currently at a crossroads. The older generation is retiring, and there are more vacancies than there are people to fill them.

The industry currently; needs new, active brokers to replace the older generation and pick up their business. Additionally, we are in a housing boom, which means more people need property and builder risk insurance than ever.

4) You Learn As You Grow

As you grow your business, you learn more about your clients and their needs. You will interact with people from all walks of life and, different businesses, which means you essentially receive free education regarding these businesses. You will learn to immediately identify their needs and speak with them intelligently about their requirements, which will turn into referrals and help you become an expert in different fields.

5) You Will Receive Full Support

When you partner with Prime Service Insurance, they want you to succeed. You will enjoy the benefits of everything from mentorship, training, office space and even closing. Additionally, this partnership provides you with the freedom to focus on prospecting and sales; while the firm handles the daily administrative tasks.

Think this career is right for you? Check out opportunities at PrimeService Insurance. You can also contact us or our Director of Operations, Sam Jazayeri

If you are interested in joining PrimeService Insurance, feel free to reach out to us or our Director of Operations, Sam Jazayeri.

By Farbod Rabiei