How To Choose A Good Home Builder

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Spring is finally here! Spring is a popular season to build new homes because of the beautiful weather. Planning a new custom home can be exciting. It’s nice to think about living in a new place, especially one you’ve envisioned yourself. This way, you can customize the layout to suit your lifestyle. It can be fun but it isn’t a simple process so we’ve made a guide to help you find the right home builder. 

Take some time to do your research so you can find a trustworthy home builder that you are confident can do the job right. It’s very important that your home builder is highly experienced, reliable enough to choose quality materials, and updated with new building techniques.

Create a list of quality home builders

You can start creating a shortlist of builders. Contact your local home builder association and they should be able to provide a list of their members. Members of Canadian Home Builder’s Association would be aware of local build laws.

Local building inspectors are also a good source of information on reliable home builders. Contact them for recommendations on trusted builders who have been in the business for a long time.

Another good source of information on reliable builders would be your friends and relatives. Ask them if they have had good experiences with their home builders. Talk to them about their experiences with their builders and add those you would consider on your list. 

When creating a list, take note of the type of homes they build, the locations they are active, and their price range. This will ensure that the builder you hire will be able to build your ideal home.

Interview the home builders

Once you have created a shortlist of builders, write down a list of questions you would like to ask. Ask as many questions as you can as this is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. If the builder answers in detail so that you are able to understand the information, you know that they care about what you want to achieve.

Lastly, ask them for references of at least one past client and one current. If possible, try asking to tour a home they have built. Additionally, Sims Builders has some great questions you can ask builders to find out how you can expect them to manage the financial aspect of building your home.

Check in with your home builder’s past clients

Once you have client references, get in touch with them to ask some questions. Ask about their satisfaction of the building and material quality and whether the builder was able to complete their home as scheduled. 

When interviewing the builders and clients, take note of the information you get so you can easily compare each builder once you’re done.

Make sure your home builder is insured

Most importantly, you should only work with insured builders and contractors! Doing so will protect you from financial loss in case the contractor damages your property or injures you or others. Ask your home builder if they are covered by a Commercial General Liability policy. 

Once you have selected two to three builders, ask each of them for a detailed quote. This should include the types of materials they will use and permits. Be wary of contractors who fail to provide a contract. 

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, make sure that you are insured in case anything goes wrong. Contact a PrimeService broker at 905-886-7277 and they can make sure you are completely covered during construction.

By Katia Barretto