Why You Should Clear Snow Off Your Vehicle

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During the recent snowstorm, many people left their cars covered in snow and frost. As some of you might know, not taking care of your car has its consequences. But what are these consequences?

The reality is that snow and ice can get under the hood of your car and wreak havoc or get stuffed inside your exhaust. On top of that, snow on your car may be contaminated by road salt which is corrosive to vehicles.

Apart from damage, there are other reasons why you should clear snow off your vehicle.

Here are three reasons why you must take the time to remove that snow on your car.

Reason #1: You can put lives in danger

We’re sure you know that driving on icy roads is dangerous. Combine that with snow or frost on your windows and you double the risk of an accident.

Not only does snow on your windows block your view of the road, snow flying off your vehicle while you drive can also reduce the visibility of drivers behind you.

Driving with a limited view of your surroundings can cause you to injure other drivers, pedestrians, or yourself. Chunks of ice can even fly off your vehicle and injure a pedestrian or the vehicle behind you.

And that’s why you should clear snow off your vehicle. It only takes a minute and can save lives.

Reason #2: You can get fined

Another reason you must be sure your vehicle is snow-free when driving is that it is against the law. You can get a warning, major fines, or demerit points if you get caught by the police.

In Ontario, you can get issued a ticket and pay a fine of $110. This can cause your insurance premium to go up.

Reason #3: You may have to pay for costly repairs

Snow on your car whether parked or on the road can damage your car’s body and parts. So, don’t let snow accumulate on your vehicle for too long.

Clear snow off your vehicle

Here’s how snow can damage your vehicle:

  1. When you hit the breaks, snow can fall from your front and rear windshield and break your wipers. Snow falling down the front windshield can even get into the motor and damage it.
  2. Ice in your engine can mangle your engine’s moving parts or cause a belt to come off.
  3. When your vehicle is repeatedly exposed to road salt, your car’s body, engine, chassis and other parts can corrode. This can then lead to rust and can even form holes on the metal underneath the paint.
  4. Snow can get packed into your car’s exhaust and block the air passage causing it to release CO2 into your car.
  5. Snow can get into your brake system, damage its seals and pads, and cause a brake fluid leak. Without brake fluid, you won’t be able to use your brakes which means you can get into an accident.
  6. Ice and snow can also mangle your roof racks, decorative trim, HVAC and other parts of your vehicle.

Getting into an accident, injuring someone, damaging your car, or getting a ticket will also take a toll on your auto insurance history and premium. So take a minute to remove that snow off your vehicle before it’s too late. It also helps to visit a car wash regularly in winter.

Make sure your auto insurance covers you in case of an accident, contact us and one of our licensed brokers will be happy to help you. 

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By Katia Barretto