These Cars Were Stolen Most Often In 2020!

Car Insurance

Stolen cars cost Candians $1 billion each year. It’s important to know how likely your car can get stolen so that you can mitigate the risks. Also note that insurers factor in the risk of your car getting stolen when calculating your premium.

Every year, IBC makes a list of top stolen cars in Canada as well as in the 13 Canadian provinces. Find out if your car is in the list of Ontario’s top stolen cars in 2020.

Ontario’s top 10 most stolen cars

1 – 2017 LEXUS RX350/RX450h 4DR AWD

2 – 2018 LEXUS RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL 4DR AWD

3 – 2018 HONDA CR-V 4DR AWD


5 – 2019 LEXUS RX350/RX350L/RX450h/RX450hL 4DR AWD

6 – 2016 LEXUS RX350/RX450h 4DR AWD


8 – 2017 HONDA CR-V 4DR AWD

9 – 2019 HONDA CR-V 4DR AWD

10 – 2018 HONDA ACCORD 4DR

We were shocked to see that the Lexus RX350 models from 2016 to 2019 take up four out of the top 10. This means that Toyota/Lexus-made vehicles dominated the list making up a combined seven out of the top 10! So we went ahead and dug into this further — why are these so commonly stolen? Here’s what we got — in a 2019 article from CP24, York Regional police stated that thieves were targeting newer models of Lexus and Toyota SUVs which “have no tracking capability”. In a 10 to 20-minute process with an electronic device, they are able to program their own key for the stolen vehicle. 

Read on to learn how to keep your car safe if your car is on the list or if you want to protect your vehicle from theft.

How criminals hack into a car’s system

Criminals are getting creative and stepping up their theft game just as fast as car manufacturers are enhancing their security features. Thieves can steal a car parked at home by using relay devices that transmit signals through walls. One thief holds a relay device and electronically scans the signal from your key fob (assuming it’s just by the door). Another thief standing next to the car holds a second relay device that receives the signal from the first device and sends it to the car. The car recognizes its key fob’s signal allowing the thief to unlock and even start your car. You can watch actual footage of this here.

How to prevent your car from getting stolen

The simplest and most effective way to keep your car safe from advanced car theft technology is by using a good old-fashioned steering wheel lock. Criminals would see the steering lock and will likely go and find an easier target. Using a steering lock can also get you a discount on your insurance premium. Find out more ways to lower your car insurance here.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can keep your key in an RFID signal blocking bag or any metal container away from your front door. We’ve even heard of some folks storing their key fob inside their refrigerator or microwave. We don’t recommend the microwave as it could be a fire hazard! 

Will my insurance cover me if my car is stolen?

Yes, if there is full coverage on your vehicle and you have taken reasonable steps to prevent the theft (i.e. locking your doors), that theft will be covered by your insurance company. You’ll need to report it to the police and then open the claim.

If you do not have ‘full coverage’, unfortunately, theft is not covered. You may contact a PrimeService broker at 905-886-7277 if you want to make sure you are sufficiently covered for theft.

By Katia Barretto