Why Your Kids Should Get Their Licence ASAP

Car Insurance

Usually teenagers want to get their driver’s licence right away; however, the amount of people who do not have their licence is growing in number. It seems like more and more young adults do not have their licence and are postponing getting it until a later age. Consequently, this can lead to some negative outcomes for them, but also for you, as their parents. As a result, this blog post will list the reasons why your children should get their full G licence as soon as they can.

Insurance rates are very high for new drivers

Car insurance rates for new drivers are very high because they pose a higher risk to insurance companies as they do not have a lot of experience driving on the road. This increases the chances that they could get into a car accident. Also, as a new driver, they do not have any insurance experience, which will increase their rates. In addition, individuals with only a G2 driver’s licence under the age of 25 will have even higher car insurance rates. These rates can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars more expensive than a regular driver’s premium.

They will be able to start building up insurance experience and a good driving record

With a G1, G2, or G licence, the driver has little to no insurance experience. With no insurance record, this will increase the car insurance premium. However, once the driver starts building up their insurance record with consistent payments over time, then they will start to see a decrease in their car insurance rates. This is similar to how a credit score works. An individual will start with a low credit score as they have no previous experience with building credit. However, as they start building credit over time, they will be able to achieve a higher credit score allowing them to gain additional benefits. So, as a new driver continues driving and building up a good driving record over a couple of years with no driving infractions, their insurance premium will start to decrease.

Driving does not seem as scary if you start from a young age

When you are younger, you have a higher risk tolerance, which is why most teenagers want to drive as soon as they can. However, as individuals get older, they lose some of their risk-taking behaviour, which can sometimes be replaced with fear. As a result, if your children don’t get their licence right away, they may become more afraid of driving as they get older. That is why they should get their licence when they can, so they can practice from a young age and avoid developing a fear of driving.

You will not have to drive them everywhere anymore

Tired of having to go pick up your kids from school, their friends’ places, etc? Well, if they get their licence, you will not have to be their personal chauffeur anymore. It will give them the freedom and independence to travel whenever and wherever they want, within reason and with your permission of course. In addition, getting their licence will also give them more responsibility. They will be responsible for driving safely, but you could also make them responsible for other tasks like picking up the groceries or running needed errands.

Your kids should get their full G licence as soon as possible because it will help them with their insurance in the future as well as help them strengthen their sense of responsibility and independence. If you have any questions or want more information about car insurance, your policy, or anything insurance related, you can contact any one of our licensed insurance brokers at 905-886-7277.

By Laura Parkes