What is a High Risk Driver?

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Ever wonder what the difference is between a low risk driver and a high risk driver? Maybe you have been classified as a high risk driver by your insurance company and do not understand why. In this blog post, we go into detail about what makes someone a high risk driver and the insurance implications that accompany it.

Who is Considered a High Risk Driver?

High risk drivers typically have poor driving records and/or insurance records. To become classified as a high risk driver, it is based on a combination of several factors. Driving infractions, accidents, and missed insurance payments can all contribute to a decline in your insurance rating, which can lead to a high risk driver status. At-fault accidents will impact your driving record for at least 6 years, while tickets and suspensions will remain on your driver’s abstract for 3 years from your conviction date. Missed payments will impact your insurance for 3-5 years, depending on the insurance company.

How Long is Someone Considered a High Risk Driver?

An individual may be considered a high risk driver for about 3 to 5 years depending on conviction. For example, if someone has had a licence suspension, it would take about 3 years to fall off of their record. However, it really all depends on the pattern of your insurance experience, as every year of clean driving experience helps.

Are Insurance Rates the Same for High Risk Drivers?

As a high risk driver, you will have higher insurance rates for your auto insurance policy. The increase could be up to double the cost of a regular auto insurance policy. This is because most of the standard insurance companies would not want to insure high risk drivers because of the increased risk that these drivers pose to them. As a result, only certain insurance companies will actually insure a high risk driver. These insurance companies are known as non-standard companies.

Which Companies Insure High Risk Drivers?

Coachman, Echelon, Pafco, and Jevco are the main non-standard insurance companies that will insure high risk drivers. Auto insurance for a high risk driver needs to be highly specialized, with careful attention given to the dates that your driving record will officially improve. Only one high risk insurance company, Echelon, currently offers Accident Forgiveness for high risk drivers. These are all important factors when considering your insurance purchase. PrimeService Insurance has a partnership with all of the major non-standard insurance companies, so PrimeService is the right place for you to find your high risk auto insurance solution.

To avoid being considered as a high risk driver by insurance companies, it is imperative that you maintain a good driving record and pay for your car insurance on time. No one wants to pay more for their insurance, so be sure to be responsible on the roads and with your payments.

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By Laura Parkes